Cloud Kitchen Management Software

Cloud Kitchen Management Software

Why is cloud kitchen management software heard so often these days? Cloud kitchens are experiencing a brand-new spike in popularity due to the startup industry’s exponential growth and the high costs of managing a business in the food industry.
A cloud kitchen doesn’t have any in-person interaction with its customers, so it’s important to carve your brand identity through effective marketing and attract more customers. This article from Eatres Solution will look at the best practices to adopt if you want to scale up quickly and increase profits.

Cloud Kitchen Management Software- Eatres Solution

Do you own a cloud kitchen? Or are you planning on beginning one shortly? In either case, technology will become your new best friend. According to We Eatres Solution, cloud kitchens are more like software startups than dining establishments.
Why? Let’s look at the significant overlap between automation and ghost kitchens and start with the basics!

What is a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is also called a ghost, dark, or virtual kitchen. But what is it?

It is a kitchen set up to provide food to the consumer’s doorstep. A cloud kitchen prepares foods in a commercial kitchen and then provides them to the consumer’s selected address. Compared to restaurants, these cloud kitchens offer a different opportunity for diners to sit down and eat because they need a dining area. In cloud kitchens, only takeout is an option.

Features of Cloud Kitchen Management Software

Managing the Online Orders

  • The printing of bills and KOTs is carried out automatically by the eatres software. Quick delivery is made possible by the availability of all online orders from multiple food aggregators on a single screen, where a check or mark shows when the meal is ready.

Multiple Brands: Single setup

  • The eatres online food ordering system has the best solution to manage all incoming orders from multiple brands. It contains all the orders arriving from various platforms without any trouble. Thus, a single screen and one set up of multiple brands are easily managed.

Raw Material Management

  • To make things easy, the software introduced by eatres enables mall operators to get a complete picture of all the outlets and the amount they would charge at each outlet for a particular brand. The mall operators can obtain the prerequisite data through the application programming interface.

Base Kitchen

  • You can easily arrange the drop-off of the necessary items at the appropriate outlet and obtain the essential raw material on time thanks to the bar kitchen software. In addition to saving time, it also helps with effective inventory management.

Individual Website

  • Eatres facilitates its customers to place a direct order with the brand on its direct website without paying any commission to the third party, as maximum profits are lost. It allows you to have your website and create your customer base.

Reconciling the Online Orders

  • Keeping track of the cancellations, commissions paid to the food aggregators, discounts, orders served, etc., are compiled in this software by eatres, managing all your payouts.

What are the benefits of a cloud kitchen?

The advantages of keeping a cloud kitchen over a restaurant are:

  • No real estate costs
  • Staff (no waiters etc.) and employee salaries are to be paid
  • Decreased overhead expenses
  • Increased opportunity and ability for business expansion


So, if you want your cloud kitchen to be successful, you must create powerful Cloud Kitchen Management Software. Eatres POS system is a leading restaurant management software with happy clients in many cities. It provides Complete Restaurant Management System in its cloud kitchen POS that will help you manage & grow your cloud kitchen business in India.

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