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POS System for Restaurant

A feature loaded POS solution to deal your daily restaurant operations

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Everything is taken care of by our Restaurant point
of sale, from speedy order request punching to reporting.

With our modern era restaurant POS solution, you can punch in incoming order requests, notify the kitchen by printing KOTs, print receipts, track orders, and manage customer databases.

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A POS System That Is Customized
For Your Restaurant

Design that is simple

Manageable, user-friendly design ensures a better customer experience so you can concentrate on what matters most - your meal and service.

Setup is simple.

Simply download, sign in, and our restaurant POS software will be up and running in no time. To run it, all you need is a Windows or Mac computer.

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Offline for the first time

Your restaurant POS software will always work, even if there is no internet connection, thanks to our offline mode. Orders can be punched, reports can be downloaded, and customer data can be saved all in one place.

An in-depth analysis

View daily business reports that are automatically generated at the end of the day and see how your firm is performing its key business dashboard for all in-store sales.

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Integrated with CRM

Access user information for all your customers at the same time
Set and meet your retention targets by sending personalised emails and messages to your customers.

Utilize third-party aggregators by going online

Orders for POS (point-of-sale) restaurant software Join's seamless connection allows you to accept orders from any sources in your restaurant POS system, including websites, Zomato, Swiggy, foodpanda, and others.

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Features of a POS System

Inventory control is important.

From a single platform, you can keep track of inventories, store recipes, and prevent robberies.

Management of funds

To gain a clear view of your finances, keep track of your everyday expenses and money

Support for franchises

Control user access for different franchises and compare website performance.

History of customers

Integrate POS with CRM to collect and store customer data and order history and tie it all together.

Friendly should be tapped

Touch screen compatibility ensures that your restaurant POS software runs well on both computers and tablets.


Both locally and in the cloud, your consumer data is safe and secure.

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